“Welcome To My World”
NueVision Jazz

Dear Mr. Mahon,  


“I just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your new CD entitled “From There to Here”! Your music is simply outstanding and very relaxing too!  Since I live in Colorado, a lot of your songs were trulyappreciated because I love the State and can relate to how you felt the evenings are here by the way you capturedthe special mood with your smooth, mellow jazz sound. In fact, although I really don’t know much about jazz,you should know that I was so positively touched by your jazz selections that I’ve been purchasing your CD tosend to my friends and family members in the United States and overseas as well because it makes such a wonderful gift.They have all enjoyed your music and we just wanted to thank you for sharing your “Cool Tracks” with us online! Keep those excellent jazzy tunes coming and be sure to let me know when your next CD is available, o.k.? Best of luck to you in all of your musical endeavors.”


Cheri L. Daniels

July 2004

"Hi EL... it's Stephanie Carmichael from Danie Cortese Entertainment writing

to you today. I am the marketing and talent director for the company and we

have just finished reviewing your CD-here is what we think...


-your CD is wonderful to listen to. Very calming and relaxing and very true

to "jazz"

-Your music is great for movies, soundtrack etc. We feel that your songs

could undoubtably capture any moment both on the big and little screen

-the sound is clean, crisp and very professional -you know your jazz



Stephanie Carmichael  


“Hey E.L.. Thanks for your album. I listen                                                

To it all the time and am just fascinated by

The type of music you put into it. You have

Inspired me to start my own music career.

Thanks so much.”



"E.L. Mahon creates dramatic music that effortlessly

combines passion and power with amazing chops."


2007....“I'm so impressed with how deep your catalog is.  You consistently create great music and it just keeps flowing!”  


Dr. Eugene Foley


Dear E.L.,

I had a chance to carefully listen to the entire CD on Sunday evening.

I really liked the songs!  The production and the mixes were out-of-this world!

I listened via my Bose high-end headphones - and the soundscoming from that CD were breathtaking.  The horns, the percussion, and so on!


You did a SUPER job my friend!    Thank you for kindly sharing this new music

with me.  It made my evening!!!!

Continued best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Dr. G

Eugene Foley Founder & President of Foley Entertainment, Inc. - a music industry consulting firm and licensed entertainment agency.

www.FoleyEntertainment.c om   Dr. Foley, or his Clients - have contributed to projects involving the following major record companies, in various capacities: A&M, Geffen, Arista, MCA, Atlantic, Mercury, Capitol, Polydor, CBS, Polygram, Chrysalis, RCA, Columbia, SBK, Elektra, Sony, EMI, Warner Bros, Epic, Lava, Hollywood, Epitaph, Tommy Boy, TVT, Island/Def Jam, Interscope.